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Slip and slide into a water wonderland.

My love feels like a cool shower in the summer, a splash of attraction,

And a fun ride that you wish will never end.

Wild Wild Wet is a long-lasting water-based lubricant that helps keep your lovemaking constantly moisturized, with its non-sticky, non-fragrance and hypoallergic properties. Stored in sachets to avoid contamination, it’s a more hygienic take compared to tube-stored lubricants.



  • We protect your privacy and provide discreet packaging to ensure the confidentiality of products.
  • No brands or company logos on plain packaging.
  • The order will be processed daily, packed and shipped the next working day



  1. Do not keep the condom in a high-temperature environment, such as a car or wallet, for more than one month, as this will degrade the quality of natural latex.
  2. Do not open the condom foils with scissors, long fingernails, or sharp objects as you may puncture the condom without realising it.
  3. Do not use two condoms. It is NOT safer. Instead, it will increase the risk of breakage due to friction between the condoms during intercourse.
  4. If necessary, ONLY USE water-based lubricants. Using oil-based lubricants, such as massage oils or lotions, will damage or degrade the quality of latex.
  5. Do not buy any condoms/lubricant that is not registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA) from unknown e-commerce platforms.



Before launching our sachet water-based lubricant, we have carried out market research to act as the guideline in developing and localizing the market needs.

We have been supplying this sachet lubricant to the Malaysia AIDS Council since 2019. By year 2021, we have sold more than 566k pieces of the sachet lubricant to Malaysia AIDS Council.




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