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Our condoms are 100% natural latex because CARE believes that being safe and healthy is as crucial as reaching heavenly pleasure (or sinful, depending on what tickles your fancy).

We don’t just create condoms that fulfil your basic needs, we create reliable, durable, and effective high-quality masterpieces that are meant to be enjoyed from tip to base.
In fact, we are certified by ISO 13485, MDA(Malaysia), MFDS(Korea), and HSA(Singapore).

All that’s left for you to do is put it on right and ride.

Quality Assurance

We only have the best manufacturer on the market, whose main objective is to produce consistent quality products.

With a comprehensive Quality System like ISO13485 and constantly being audited internally by third party certification bodies, there’s a reason why our stuff will always go above and beyond your expectations.

Manufacturing Our World-Class Condom

Our manufacturer’s export markets include non-profit organization tenders via the Ministry of Health, World Bank and Social Marketing Programs.

Their factory has supplied to more than 100 commercial brands across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, North America, Asia, and South America. Which means they produce our condoms with as much discretion as any other high quality brand.

Pre-Shipment Control Parameters

Our condoms undergo many standardized tests in order to pass strict quality control measures. Such as visual checks, dimension control, water leak test, air burst volume and pressure, tensile test, lubricant quantity measurement and package integrity test.

All our condoms are confirmed overachievers.

Certificates for Export Quality

Awards & Achievements

Our Quality & Standards
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